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Imports, also sometimes referred to as starters, are horses who do not have existing lineage. They are unrelated to any horse aside from their own offspring/progeny. They can be obtained in a number of ways, such as Events, Bargain Bin, etc, but the most straightforward way to get one is through Import Orders. The resulting design will be up to you. If you're looking for a semi-custom or predesigned import, check out Bargain Bin instead.

⭐ All currently available genes/colors & pricing can be found on the Gene Form.
​To use and edit the Gene Form, hit File -> Make a Copy.



Art by CreationsByAiden
  • ​​Imports are not free to create! You must follow the process below or buy an existing one from another member.

  • All imports will have heterozygous genes where possible (excludes genes that must be homozygous to show).

  • Imports are considered "MYO" once bought - you choose the design.

  • You may bring in an existing design as long as you own the rights to it and it does not violate the designer's TOS. Original designer MUST be listed as such!

  • Refunds are not available once purchased; if you no longer want your import, you may sell/trade/etc to other members.

  • Payment Options: USD (PayPal), dA points ($1:100), Coins ($1:100), Tokens​

  • To submit an Import Order, click "+ Submit" in the top right and fill out this form in the "Comments" box (add all in-game payment in "Items Used"):

    Design Type: (Mystery or Custom)
    (specify all tokens, items, and coins used - whatever is applicable!)
    Gene Form:
    (send screenshot of Gene Form - ignore if Mystery)
  • If your order includes any USD or points payment, you'll receive a DM on Discord from me (Paige) with the payment link!



Gender and phenotype are chosen by you. Limits on genes depend on whether the import is purchased from the Gene Form or redeemed via token (see "LIMITS & CHANCES" below). Tokens are tiered by rarity, while Gene Form purchases via USD/points/coins offer more free choice.

See Item Shop for token pricing, or Gene Form for purchase pricing.


Gender and phenotype are randomly rolled, with chances dependent on the token rarity. Each mystery token also includes a small chance of rolling an oddity or mutation (see LIMITS & CHANCES below). Custom tokens can also be rolled as Mystery if desired.

See Item Shop for token pricing. Not purchasable for USD/points.



For imports (or "a la carte" additions) purchased directly from the Gene Form using USD, dA points, or coins, you may choose anything that does not come up as N/A when selected.

Mutations and Oddities are capped at 3, while Markings/Modifiers are capped at 5.

Common Mystery Token
Uncommon Mystery Token
Rare Mystery Token
Common Custom Token
Uncommon Custom Token
Rare Custom Token
Ultra Rare Custom Token
Legendary Custom Token
Bag of Dice (Roulette Mystery)