You may submit up to 3 designs per week. The limit resets at 12am on Sundays, and includes resubmits.

The group's Design Guide provides references and guidelines for each color, pattern, mutation, oddity, etc. Be sure to check that your designs adhere to these standards for the best chance at acceptance on the first try!

This page provides an overview of the process, but you'll need to delve into the resource links below for more specific information.



Art by empiredog
  • Please keep all Code of Conduct design rules in mind when completing your design.

  • The different bases are only used to discern between Loshenkas with and without lineage. They do not represent your horse's in-game age. Horses with lineage will not be "aged up" to the adult base, but any Loshenka may be drawn/treated as a foal or as an adult at any time - this is entirely up to you!

  • Genes described as "Carries" in the phenotype do not show on the design. They may pass to the next generation when bred, but do not show visually.

  • ​​​All listed "Phenotype Variations" can be chosen freely for any horse that fits the genotype. For example, a foal rolled as "Bay" can be designed/listed as Seal Bay, Wild Bay, Blood Bay, or just normal Bay.

  • We discourage using pure #ffffff white for markings. Instead, try a slightly cream-tinted white for a more natural look! Same goes for using #000000 black for points/mane/tail/etc - try to dilute slightly.

  • If you roll an Oddity that you don't want, you can decline it by leaving it off of the phenotype and the design. This applies ONLY to Oddities, as they are not genetic.

Important Note - ​While we try our best to keep design checking as consistent as possible, we're only human! Ultimately, due to the thousands of possible combinations and varying levels of expertise among our staff, you may occasionally encounter differing opinions between different Design Checkers, or see existing designs uploaded with out-of-standard aspects. Designs that have slipped through with these differences do not indicate an official rule change unless otherwise stated.






Base Transfers are for swapping designs from outdated/alternative lines to the official lines. All designs must be kept visibly the same (same shade, markings, etc), within reason (we won't make you match pixels exactly). Adults must be moved to adult lines, foals must be moved to foal lines. If you are making any edits to the design, i.e. changing markings or coverage of genes, you must use a Paintbucket or other redesign item instead.

As long as no changes are being made to the design itself, Base Transfers can be done freely. Use the "Update Design" button on your character's profile to submit one!



Some gene combinations will cause the phenotype to be different than the normal conventions. The following list covers those variations - head to the individual pages listed to find the appropriate guidelines for them!


  • Grullo - Black + Dun

  • Red Dun - Chestnut + Dun

  • Dunalino - Palomino + Dun

  • Dunskin - Buckskin + Dun

  • Blue Roan - Black + Roan

  • Red Roan - Chestnut + Roan


These also include their mutated variations, such as Primitive Dun and Merle Roan. ​For example, Black + Primitive Dun = Primitive Grullo, or Chestnut + Merle Roan = Red Merle Roan, etc.


For each mutation or oddity, you'll need the following amount of corresponding tokens:

  • Common - 1 token

  • Uncommon - 2 tokens

  • Rare - 3 tokens

​On foals, mutations may be heterozygous or homozygous for the same price, as long as it is possible from parent genetics.

On imports, mutations must always be heterozygous unless they were rolled that way (Bag of Dice) or the mutation has to be homozygous to show. This includes: Ticked (tcktck), Inverse (invinv), and Rapunzel (rprp)

Any horse that has a carried mutation may be "upgraded" to homozygous/shown by paying one token less than the (homozygous) rarity.

For example, if your horse Carries Rapunzel (nrp), you can upgrade to Rapunzel (rprp) for 2 Mutation Tokens, because Rapunzel (rprp) would otherwise cost 3 tokens.


  1. Click to download the corresponding base above - the type (Import vs Lineaged) for each geno is listed next to its name in My Genos.

  2. Use the Colors & Patterns page to find information for each aspect of your horse's phenotype (all links are clickable).

    • If you need additional help with minor details (eye colors, hooves, etc), check the Detail Guides page.

    • If you need additional help discerning which markings go on top of or underneath each other, check the Visual Hierarchy page.

  3. Once your design is finished, use the Design Checklist below to confirm it's ready to submit. This will help it pass approval as quickly as possible.

    Base File:
    ☐ Correct base was used (adult for imports, foal for bred)
    ☐ Shading on original settings (eyes, body, mane, tail)
    ☐ Inner lines on original settings (body, mane, tail)
    ☐ Image size is 2400 x 1337, transparent PNG, full quality/not blurry
    ☐ Layers are enabled (if applicable) for Colt/Stallion, Wulf, and Rapunzel

    Design Details:
    ☐ Base coat is colored/diluted appropriately for the phenotype (base color itself, Sooty, Dun, etc)
    ☐ Each part of the phenotype is represented correctly (minimums, interactions, hierarchy)
    ☐ Mane and tail are accurate for the base color and any genes/markings that affect them
    ☐ Correct colors are used for eyes/eyelashes and hooves/chestnuts

  4. From your geno's profile page, click "Submit Design" in the sidebar. Fill out and save each section, then Submit.

  5. A Design Checker will review the design to ensure everything is good to go. Edits will be requested if need be!