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Achievements are earned by completing various objectives within the group. These range from art prompts, to minigames, to breeding, and more!

Many achievements can be completed very easily, while others require a bit more patience and planning.

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Art by decayingdoe
  • Achievements grant 100 coins each and may be claimed only once per person. Check yourprofile to see if you've already gotten a certain one!

  • Please play for achievements in good faith. Do not use friends or loopholes to gain achievements (i.e. Buyer's Remorse by passing the horse back and forth).

  • You must directly be the person who earned/met the requirements in order to claim an Achievement (i.e. cannot claim an achievement for getting a horse to Superior Merit if you were not the owner when it reached that rank).

  • Art/Lit-related achievements must be submitted and accepted to the group in order to count.

  • When new achievements are added, they'll be announced in the #announcements channel. If you have an idea for a new achievement, we have a dedicated thread in the #suggestions forum!

  • Claiming Achievements: To claim an achievement, check the requirements in the description, then click the "+ Submit" button above. Include the achievement name, description, and all proof necessary in the comments box, then head to the Rewards section and add the achievement itself as well as 100 coins.