Welcome to Loshenka

Loshenka is an ARPG group centered around a fictional breed of horse known for its soft coat, lack of mane, and unnaturally long tailbone. The group offers a wide variety of activities, including art/lit-based events, a tiered xp and ranking system, items and customization, breeding, and much more. Artists, writers, and collectors alike are all welcome within the group.

Originating in Russia, the breed was first developed to fill a niche for rural families, who needed mounts that would not be hindered by the deep snow or harsh temperatures. They became an integral part of these areas, serving as reliable transportation to faraway towns, steady hunting mounts, trustworthy teachers of young riders, and more. They were beloved by those that were lucky enough to have them around, and unmatched in loyalty and grit.

​The upper class began to take notice of the breed later in their development. While rural travelers were interested in the Loshenka mostly for practical purposes, there was no denying the aesthetic advantages. The Loshenka was a flashy, unique breed with an alertness that gave it an even more desirable presence. The breed's growing popularity led to further development of its core features: soft and dense coats, a straight or convex profile, and a tail that cascaded over an especially long tailbone. The horses excelled in the show ring, not only in handler-based competitions that showcased their movement, but in ridden competitions as well.

​​The Loshenka is known for being affectionate and trustworthy. Those who know and cherish the breed maintain that there is very little that a Loshenka cannot do. So far, the theory appears to hold true.

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Art by SwordsandSpectacles