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Art Fight

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ART FIGHT 2024 ⚔️

It's almost time for Art Fight!! This event is not hosted by Loshenka directly, but we love to support it each year - it's a ton of fun!

All of the info you'll need can be found on Art Fight's official website, where you can also register and pick a team if you'd rather not be randomly sorted. You can join at any time during the fight, too, but we recommend getting set up ahead of time since the site tends to be very slow for the first few days. Just be sure to only upload characters, customize your profile, etc - starting on any attacks before July 1st is not allowed.

This year's theme is Seafoam vs. Stardust!


🗡️ Joining the Fight
  • Once you've created an account on the site, upload at least 1 character for others to "attack" you with art of!
  • If you add any Loshenkas, be sure to add as the species sheet link and add the #loshenka tag for easy searching.
  • Be sure to post your profile link (and optionally, your team card - see below!) in the Art Fight channel on Discord so we can all find each other!
  • Submit your Loshenka-related attacks to our Art Fight gallery folder and claim coins at a boosted rate of XP x 50!
    • To claim this bonus, add it to the coin breakdown as "Art Fight" and include the link to your AF submission in the description.
  • If you receive an attack from someone who is not a member of the group, submit it to the folder and credit them in the description with a link to the attack.
  • Good luck, and have fun!! We hope to see you there!

2024 Loshenka Makeover

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Welcome to the 3rd annual Loshenka Makeover Event! 🌹

After the success of the last two years’ makeover events hosted by Sagebrush Sanctuary, rescues all over the world have reached out to learn how to implement them in their own countries. This year, over a dozen rescues have partnered with Sagebrush to involve their local communities in the event. The horses selected for the makeover come from diverse backgrounds: retired show horses, beloved children’s mounts, feral herd members, injured horses, and those simply in need of a fresh start. With the right care and attention, Sagebrush and its affiliates believe each of these horses has a bright future ahead of them.

As a participant in this event, you'll be randomly assigned a rescue Loshenka with one or more issues. Over the next two months, you'll have the opportunity to work your magic and help your Loshenka heal and thrive. There are three stages to the event, each one giving you the chance to showcase your creativity and share your horse's journey with the community through art or literature.

DEADLINE OVERVIEW || Signups - May 30th | Phase 1 - June 15th | PHase 2 - June 29th | Phase 3 - July 20th || Click here to sign up!


Art by CreationsByAiden


General Guidelines
  • You must sign up by 7pm on May 30th to participate - click here to enter!
  • You must be a verified member of both the website and the Discord server in order to participate.
  • A maximum of 80 participants will be able to enter this event. If more than 80 people sign up, the list will be randomized and additional entrants will be placed on the waitlist.
  • All three required phases must be completed in order to keep your allocated horse. Any horses who do not have all three phases done will remain under group ownership.
  • Until the event has finished, all horses are still officially owned by the group. Please do not enter them in other events, create additional art/lit unrelated to the event, etc until the event has concluded.
  • Entries submitted are expected to be of finished quality; we will not accept in-progress or under-minimum submissions as placeholders for meeting the deadline. A 48-hour grace period is given for minor corrections (or up to the phase deadline if submitted early). Submitting before the actual deadline is highly encouraged in case more extensive corrections are requested.
  • Horses are predesigned and cannot be edited, swapped between entrants, or rerolled, nor may their issues be changed once chosen/accepted. You may add to them (additional issues on the side, more explanation for causes/backstory), but cannot remove or change them.
  • There is no obligation for players to keep the horse’s backstory after the event, but it is considered canon during the event itself.
  • While this event does cover sensitive topics, please be mindful of how you portray them. Please do not submit overly graphic or morbid entries per our rules.
  • If you are unable to complete your entry or have lost interest and would like to withdraw, please let us know as soon as possible.


Allocation & Waitlist
Art by Phantillyc

Initial Allocation:

  • Each participant will be pinged on Discord and will have a choice between two horses, each with its own unique Issues and Description attached.
  • Participants will have 24 hours to choose one of the two horses rolled for them, or decline. If this deadline passes or they decline both, they will be placed at the back of the waitlist.
  • To accommodate all 80 participants, there will be two separate rounds (randomized):
    • Day 1 (May 30th): 50 participants get 2 choices each
    • Day 2 (May 31st): 30 participants get 2 choices each, rolled from unchosen Day 1 horses + extras remaining on the admin account
    • All remaining signups will be placed on the Waitlist (see below).
  • As soon as you’ve confirmed your choice, you’re good to start!


  • When a horse is dropped, the waitlist will be randomized to select a new participant. 
  • The waitlist will only be used to reassign horses until June 19th. After that date, horses will no longer be reassigned - we want to ensure the deadlines are doable!
  • Participants selected from the waitlist will have 24h to choose one of the two horses rolled for them, or decline and be placed at the back of the waitlist.
  • If you are selected from the waitlist after June 8th, both the first phase and second phase entry must be completed by the phase two deadline. If selected before then, all deadlines will remain as-is. Extensions will not be given!


Requirements & Submitting
  • Main Phases: Fullbody (non-simple) + BG or 1200 word story minimum
  • Bonus Prompts: Headshot or 300 word story minimum. This does not apply to the main phases! 
    • Note: Bonus Prompts can be submitted at any point during the event and are not subject to the main phase deadlines.
  • All entries must clearly depict the issue/phase/prompt, either through actions, other characters, props, background elements, etc. We recognize that some issues may be more difficult to depict than others, but overall, the intent should be clear as opposed to Random Horse Standing™️! Overly vague or generic entries will be asked to resubmit. For main phases, you don't need to answer/address every bullet point, but your entry should capture the overall intent/spirit of that category.
  • You may combine art and literature if desired, but must meet at least one of the minimums. For the main phases for example, 300 words + a fullbody/BG is allowed (meets art minimum), but 900 words + a headshot is not (meets neither).

To submit your entries, please follow these steps:

  1. Start the title with [PHASE #] or [BONUS PROMPT #] for clarity.
  2. Submit to the 2024 Loshenka Makeover folder, not general art/lit.
  3. Fill out this form in the description:
Event: 2024 Loshenka Makeover
​​Phase Number: OR Bonus Prompt:
Horse ID#:
- Issues: (paste Issues from your horse's official profile)
- Description: (paste Description from your horse's official profile)
XP Breakdown:
Art by northamber


Judging Criteria
  • Judging will be done by at least 2 admins, and each participant’s final score will consist of all judge scores added together. 
  • Each phase will be judged individually based on the following criteria:
Criteria Scoring Description
Depiction of Backstory/Issues 1-10 How well does the entry connect to the assigned backstory and issues? Does it effectively develop the horse’s story?
Effort & Presentation 1-10 How much effort is demonstrated in the entry compared to the participant’s usual work? Is it well-presented, regardless of technical skill?
Creativity & Originality 1-5 How creative is the entry? Is there a unique approach to the issue itself and/or the way the scene is written or drawn?
  • The overall arc (all three phases together) will be judged based on the following criteria:
Criteria Scoring Description
Cohesiveness 1-5 How well do the three phases connect to create a unified story? Can each phase be followed easily to the next?
Character Development 1-5 How well is the horse’s character developed and evolved throughout the phases, regardless of where they ended up?
Personal Touch & Creativity 1-5 How effectively does the participant’s unique style and creativity come through in the overall story?
  • In addition, one bonus prompt may be completed per phase. These are worth 1-3 RNG points each and will be rolled by each individual judge. Completing all three counts for an additional +1 to your final score.
  • The total number of points possible per judge is 100 points. Each phase is 25 points, Overall Arc is 15 points, and Bonus Prompts are 10 points total.


Placings & PRIZES
Art by Elkhund

🦄 All Participants [Everyone who completes all 3 main phases!]

  • Ownership of your Makeover Loshenka
  • +20xp applied to your Makeover Loshenka
  • Lucky Horseshoe applied to your Makeover Loshenka
  • Rope Halter (optional, but can only be applied to your Makeover horse)

​👑 Grand Champion

​🏆 Reserve Champion

🥇 1st Place

🥈 2nd Place

🥉 3rd Place


Phase 1: First Impressions

Phase Deadline: June 15th @ 11:59pm

Here's where you'll see your new Loshenka for the first time. What physical/mental state are they in? What are they like when you meet them? Are they fearful, shy, or sullen? Or are they sweet and cuddly right from the start? Show them at the rescue and/or when they first arrive at your facility. Demonstrate your Loshenka’s personality and their first impressions on those who will begin to work with them.

Bonus Prompts

These prompts are optional (see above for more info). You may choose one to complete for bonus credit!

  • Report Card: How does the rescue facility or the horse's paperwork describe them?
  • Buddy System: Was the horse alone when you picked it up, or did it find some friends at the rescue?
  • Homecoming: How did your horse's journey from the rescue to your facility go?
  • Checkup: Describe your horse's first vet check - how do they react and what does the vet find out?


Phase 2: Past & Present

Phase Deadline: June 29th @ 11:59pm

Get to work on your Loshenka’s challenges. What are their issues and how are you going about retraining/rehabilitating them? How did they get to the state they're in now? What’s the goal for the sessions? Are they making progress, or is it slow going? ​Show your Loshenka’s progress, or lack thereof. Explain what has been working for them and what hasn't.

Bonus Prompts

These prompts are optional (see above for more info). You may choose one to complete for bonus credit!

  • Tipping Point: In your horse's past, what was the moment that had the greatest impact on them?
  • That's the Spot: Discover what motivates them (ex. a particular treat, scratching a certain spot, etc).
  • Milestones: Show your horse's first big milestone with you - first touch, first ride, whatever fits!
  • Facing Fears: Show a situation where your Loshenka faced a fear and how they reacted or overcame it.


Phase 3: Into The Future

Phase Deadline: July 20th @ 11:59pm

Did you manage to fix or work around your Loshenka’s issues? What does the future have in store for them? What decisions have been made and where does your Loshenka go from there? How well have they adjusted to their new environment, wherever that may be? Show the success/failure of your project and where your Loshenka ended up after the event - whether that’s with you, with someone else, or back in the wild.

Bonus Prompts

These prompts are optional (see above for more info). You may choose one to complete for bonus credit!

  • 10-Year Plan: Take a look further into the future - where is your horse ten years from now?
  • Superstar: Show one of your horse's highlight moments, either in their training or in the future.
  • Lasting Legacy: What lasting impact has your Loshenka had on you or your facility?
  • Vices & Virtues: Describe any lingering challenges or issues your Loshenka still has.

2024 Pride Event

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Happy Pride Month!! ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 

We have an assortment of fun events and activities for everyone to enjoy this month.
Be sure to grab a colorful role in the Discord (#role-selection) to get a special pride badge and help make the chat rainbow! 🌈

Art by Possum-Dad, SSmoobles, TheSentientBurger, & fawnni


❤️ Seasonal Items
  • ​Jar of Glitter - Allows you to add the "Glittered" oddity to an undesigned foal or import, without needing any Oddity Tokens.
  • Jello Shot - Adds Champagne to an undesigned import. Cannot combine with Feather Boa.
  • Feather Boa - Adds Fraiche, Cream, Pearl, or Plum to an undesigned import. Cannot combine with Jello Shot.
  • Rainbow Fan - Increases the mutation or oddity limit to four on an undesigned import (or foal, if oddity).
  • Confetti - Adds a random mutation or oddity to an undesigned import, or a random oddity to an undesigned foal.
  • Mystery Capsule -  Rolls a random shop item (Common-Rare, Tokens, Exclusives), or trade in 5 for a June seasonal of your choice.
  • Pride Month Halter - A rainbow halter for your horse's official design. Purchasable for 500 coins until the end of June!


🧡 “Bi” One Get One Imports

For the duration of June, purchase an import with USD, points, or coins and get the second one 50% off!

You may mix and match any combination you'd like (the imports do not have to be the same), as long as only currency is used. Tokens and other items may be applied later in Genetics Lab if desired. The discount will apply to the import of lesser value. Please submit both imports in the same Import Orders request and mention the BOGO deal to claim! This offer is available until 6/30 at 11:59pm site time.


💛 Seasonal Oddity: Glittered
Art by doggface

When breeders noticed that their Flecked foals' spots seemed to be unusually colorful, they started to suspect something special was happening. Sure enough, more and more brightly colored flecks began to pop up around the globe, dusting their foals with a unique little glimmer. This variation has been dubbed Glittered, and while it presents very similarly to Flecked, its wide range of colors sets it apart from its plainer counterpart.

Our June seasonal oddity, Glittered, has returned for the month! If you’re interested in getting your hands on one of these colorful critters, the oddity can be obtained in any of the following ways:

  • Submit a breeding for a random chance of rolling the Glittered oddity
  • Add Glittered to your import order for $15 or 1500 points/coins
  • Use x2 Oddity Tokens to add Glittered to an undesigned foal or import
  • Use the Jar of Glitter item to add Glittered to an undesigned foal or import

All information about the Glittered oddity can be found on its guide page: 



Our lovely staff has designed a handful of pride-themed imports to be raffled off this month!!

Thumbnail of 9079 Thumbnail of 9080 Thumbnail of 9081
Thumbnail of 9082 Thumbnail of 9083 Thumbnail of 9084

Raffle tickets can be earned in three different ways:

  1. Enter the raffle for free! Head to the Raffles page and enter for as many as you'd like. You can place 1 ticket on each horse.
  2. Advertising the Pride Event! Post on Deviantart (journal/status) or Instagram (post/story) with a small blurb + direct link to this event post to earn 1 extra ticket.
    Submit to Item Claim with a link to your post (or screenshot if story), and list the ID# of the horse you'd like a ticket on in the Comments section. Limit one ad ticket per person.
  3. Enter by drawing the raffle horse! You may submit one headshot (2 tickets) or [non-simple] fullbody (6 tickets) per horse.
    Limit one art entry per horse. Accessories shown on the import are required if they'd be visible! Submit to the 2024 Pride Event folder.

Raffles close 6/30 at 11:59pm site time. 


💙 Pride Parade

Participate in a group-wide collab! Draw your horse(s) in the annual Pride Parade with accessories of your choice. Tack and decorations are up to you and can be minimal or full costumes, as long as they're pride-related. Horses can be ridden or unridden, tacked or untacked. Pose and gait is also generally up to you, as long as it's a side-facing angle. Once the event has closed, all submissions will be compiled into one big pride collab! 

All entries must fit these requirements:

  • 800x800 canvas or larger (may be resized for final piece)
  • Body is at a side-on angle, facing to the right (or you're okay with it being flipped)
  • Fullbody (non-simple) with transparent background
  • One horse per entry

You may submit up to three parade entries. For each entry you submit, you'll receive a Pride Month Halter and a Mystery Capsule! Entries should be submitted to the 2024 Pride Event folder.

Parade entries close 6/30 at 11:59pm site time. 


2022 Pride Collab - click image for credits!


💜 Minigame: Rainbow Roller
Art by Brittstorm

Head over to Discord to enter the RNG minigame, Rainbow Roller! This game is played in the #rainbow-roller channel and is set to six hour slowmode. Every six hours, guess one of the colors listed below for a chance to win x1 Mystery Capsule! You can play this game as many times as you'd like until it closes.

  • Use the "!rainbow (color)" command to make a guess. (ex: "!rainbow orange") ​
    Color Options: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Purple, Pink
  • If you win, submit an Item Claim with the message link + a Mystery Capsule added in the Rewards section.

Minigame closes 6/15 at 10pm site time.

Official Reopening!

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Welcome back, everyone!! The time has finally come to reopen officially, and we couldn't be more excited to get things rolling again!

Thank you so much for your patience over the last couple months! We really appreciate it, and we hope you enjoy the brand new website as much as we do.

All queues are now OPEN! Please read the guides carefully and be patient with us as we work out any bumps.

Art by zawmbiie

If you are an existing member and have not yet finished the verification/migration process, be sure to complete all of these steps:

  1. ​Register an account, then verify your email address. We suggest keeping your username close to what you've been using for the sake of recognizability, but ultimately you may choose whatever name you'd like (within reason, of course). Usernames can only be changed once per month.

  2. Go to the Verification page and link your dA account. All existing members should specifically use dA for initial aliasing, as that's what all of your owned horses and slots have been logged under! Don't worry, you can always add your TH later if you prefer. Please note that your horses, genos, and slots will not show up in your account until you've completed Step 3 - don't worry if they aren't there immediately.

  3. Head to the new #introductions channel on Discord and fill out the intro form. We'll get your LK account verified as soon as possible so you can continue!

  4. Submit an Item Claim to transfer all of your currency, items, and achievements. All of these should be entered under "REWARDS" - leave everything else blank.

    - To see your bank/inventory, use /bal and /inv in the #bot-spam channel.
    - To see your achievements, click your name in the server.
    NOTE: Seashells and Carnival Tickets exist as currency on the site rather than items, so be sure to enter those accordingly.

  5. Once a staff member has checked and accepted your claim, you're good to go!

Afterward, we strongly recommend reading through the new Guidebook to get a sense of the new processes:  

Note - Please migrate your currency, items, and achievements by April 30th. After this point, old records stored on Discord may be cleared out.


Lineart Updates

A few updates have been made to our two official linearts, courtesy of Jay! <3 These are small tweaks, but will help with compatibility and accuracy across the board. Changes include:

  • Eye shading and highlight layers are now separated, to allow for broader program compatibility (previous single-layer setting broke on a lot of programs)
  • Updated shading
  • Updated tails

Please download the updated bases from the Design Overview page. We will accept designs on the old lines until April 14th. After this point, all designs must be on the newest base or they will be declined.

Anniversary Event Deadline

Now that we're officially back open, the 2nd Anniversary Event and all associated bonuses have been given a final deadline of March 31st at 11:59pm. This includes:

    • Entries for the Anniversary Showcase event itself
    • All base coat rarities open for purchase
    • 10% twin and oddity chance on breedings
    • x50 coin bonus on gift art/lit

To learn how to submit each of these, you'll need to explore the Guidebook! Please include Class/Activity in the description when submitting showcase entries.


Changelog & NOTES

With the transition to the new website, quite a few things changed. Aside from the obvious modifications to submissions/workflow, the following is a (non-exhaustive) list of changes made and notes to keep in mind as you get settled in. More notes may be added as needed. If you run into any errors, bugs, or mistakes, please let us know in the #help-channel. General questions should be directed to the #help-channel.

Art by Highwy51
  • Existing XP/ranks have been preserved. If your horse's XP/rank doesn't match the registry, let us know.

  • You may notice a difference in your horses' breeding slots versus their ref. We found a lot of missing/double-used slots during migration, and all unused slots marked for banned users have also been cleared out. Before reporting discrepancies as a bug/issue, please search your horse's ID in the breeding and notif channels to ensure the slot is actually incorrect.

  • Normal queues and activities will be reopened over the next few weeks, so we can be sure the site is running as intended and fix any bugs/errors before we're back in full force!

  • If your birthday is in March and/or it passed while we were closed, submit a separate item claim for x1 Birthday Present (this is an openable item that contains all the normal bday rewards!) with a link to the Discord message. If your birthday is in April or beyond, you'll receive your presents on the first of each month as long as your Birthday Publicity is set to 1+.

  • Ancestry XP has been removed due to limitations from the new masterlist. Existing Ancestry XP was preserved as-is on all designed horses.

  • All designs on LoshenkaAdmin have been archived, as the website is now considered the only official source of up-to-date records. If you are linking your horses for any reason (selling/trading, art references, etc), please be sure to link to the site from now on! This also goes for breeding slots. Please do not use your horses' dA refs to update slots, as dA refs will no longer be used. You must (re-)register your horse on the site to add slots.

  • Outdated queue channels, inventory/bank bots, registry spreadsheet, etc will be cleared out on April 14th. Please be sure to finish migration and double-check everything you own before then to avoid losing anything!

  • Any errors or discrepancies found should be reported to the #help-channel. Please be sure to provide any relevant links/info needed for us to help you efficiently! 

  • Genos created from this point forward will not be assigned an ID until a design is accepted. Please note that the number in the url is not your geno's ID, it's just the number the site itself is using in the database while it's undesigned! Once a design is accepted, an ID will be automatically given and the URL will convert to the normal, full character "ID-(####)" format. 

Results: 2nd Anniversary Event

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We're excited to finally announce the winners of our 2nd Anniversary Event!!

Thank you to everyone who participated this year - everyone's entries were absolutely gorgeous, and I think I speak for everyone in saying it was very hard to choose 😭

Congratulations to all of our winners! All prizes have been handed out here on the site and can be found in your inventory.










8811, entered by Simonetry




From the pool of entrants, five additional winners were also drawn for prizes.
Congrats to Frostbitten-Summer, Violetwind, Deliah, Moon_Flowerr, & IShingaling!