Breeding Rolls

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You may submit up to 3 breedings per week. The limit resets at 12am on Sundays, and includes resubmits.

What's better than a Loshenka? A baby Loshenka!

These fuzzy little bundles of joy can be yours in only a few steps.



Art by 00lapa00
  • ​Every Loshenka starts with 10 breeding slots and can earn more via XP ranks. Slots can be reserved once the horse is registered.

  • All breedings are rolled by staff using a private custom roller, with standard inheritance based on parent genetics. You cannot create Loshenka foals on your own, as they must be officially rolled through the group. Loshenkas also cannot be crossbred.

  • The person submitting the breeding must have a unused slot booked on both parents' breeding slot lists, even if one or both of them are owned by that user.

  • The sire and dam must not share any ancestors in either of their lineage grids (check both parents' Lineage tabs to compare).

  • The resulting foal(s) from a breeding may be sold/traded freely, but breeding slots themselves cannot be resold or transferred.

  • Undesigned rolls can be modified with Items if desired. Otherwise, you can simply design them from your natural roll.

  • All breedings require a breedpic unless an item is used to bypass this requirement OR one or both horses have been deceased. A breedpic is an image of the two horses interacting - it should NOT be graphic - and should be a headshot of each horse at minimum. Breedpics are subject to all Art/Lit Guidelines.


👻 Lethal White Syndrome
​LWS occurs for "OO" Overo horses and "WW" Dom White horses, and is fatal.

This can occur when two Overo or two Dominant White horses are bred together (25% chance). If a foal roll option is rolled as LWS, that option is unusable - it cannot be fixed or rerolled with items. If all options are LWS, the breeding fails completely. Your slots will still be used even if this occurs, so plan your pairings carefully!

🎲 Twins & Oddities
  • All breedings have a 3% chance of twins. Triplets are not possible.

  • All breedings have a 5% chance of rolling an oddity (random).

    • ​If you are rolled an oddity you don't want, simply leave it off the phenotype/design!


  1. Click the "+ Submit" button at the top of this page.

  2. If your breeding requires a breedpic, submit it to the "Breeding Images" gallery according to Art/Lit Guidelines. Otherwise, skip straight to Step 4.

  3. In the "Submission URL" box, add the link to your breedpic's pending submission if applicable (click Detailed Log to get the correct link). Otherwise, leave blank.

  4. In the "Comments" box, include details for any items being used if applicable. Enter the items themselves under "Items Used".

  5. Under "Characters," add the sire and dam. Use "Add Reward" to enter the XP earned for each, if a breedpic was made.

  6. When you've finished, hit "Submit" to submit to the queue.