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Within the group, "deceasing" is a way to remove your horse's design permanently from the Loshenka breed.

⚠️ NOTE: If your horse is deceased in your stable/universe's canon for story purposes, this process is not for you. Deceasing strikes them completely from the breed and is different from in-character death, which does not need to be officially marked (and in most cases, shouldn't be!).



To request to mark a horse as Deceased, click "+ Submit" above, add "Please decease the following horse(s)" in the comment box, and attach the requested horse(s) in the "Characters" section. Please note that this process is permanent and cannot be undone later.
Art by empiredog
  • Once marked Deceased, the horse's design is no longer a Loshenka. Per our Code of Conduct, they will no longer be associated with the breed, and any depictions on official lineart should be removed. Their coat design is yours to keep as long as it is no longer represented as a Loshenka.

  • Deceased horses can no longer gain xp, be used in events, etc. Their ID and name remains in the breed for lineage and recordkeeping purposes only.

  • When a horse is marked Deceased, its design will be replaced with this placeholder and ownership will be transferred to the admin account. It will not be redesigned or resold.

  • All breeding slots stay intact. Please ensure all deals are finalized and slots are marked before requesting to mark the horse as Deceased, as they cannot be changed later.

  • Breeding slots to Deceased horses are used without a breedpic, as they no longer have a valid design to draw. Do not abuse this rule by deceasing just to circumvent the breedpic rule!