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All art and literature submitted to the group counts for points within the XP System.

The following guidelines apply to all submissions. The XP is added automatically when the submission is accepted!

Additional requirements may be dictated by the event or category (breedings, events, etc).


  • Must be a reasonably finished piece - colored neatly, not overly sketchy/messy, etc - and must be accurate to the design's color/markings.

  • Must correctly depict Loshenka tails, as it is a core trait of the breed! Click here for a tutorial.

  • Must be original art created for the Loshenka group (no photomanips, linearts, AI, reused art or sketches, pre-existing art of the design, etc).

    • Reused artwork/linearts are accepted only for Registration.

  • Must be of "gallery quality" - chibis and experimental styles are fine, but all art must be consistent with the usual effort represented in your gallery.

  • We do not allow "stat farming" by submitting simple/rushed art to gain mass XP. Art may be declined or corrected for this reason.

  • Must be at least 300 words to count for XP. If over 5k, please split into multiple submissions.

  • Must be written in paragraph form (not script), any POV (horse/human/3rd).

  • Must be an original story written for the Loshenka group (no AI, reused or pre-existing literature, etc).

  • To claim XP, character must be a significant part of the story in the following ways:

    • Appearance/Description: Must be adequately described, not just a passing mention.

    • Actions/Behavior: Must play some role in the story's plot via actions or behavior,

    • Interactions: Must interact with the environment/characters (dialogue, exploration, etc).

  • In the description, please note the nickname(s) used for each horse in the story.



The Existing XP gallery is used for existing art/lit that was already counted for XP prior to migration.

All art uploaded there MUST be credited with a link to the original creator, and should be uploaded by the owner of the character.


For detailed information regarding XP, please visit the XP System page.
  1. Go to the Gallery, then the "+" on the specific gallery folder your piece belongs in. Add your art and/or literature to the submission.
    NOTE: All art/lit must be submitted by the creator if they are a member of the group. If they are not a member, you (the character's owner) may submit with a direct link to the artist/writer in the description.

  2. In the description, include the following form for each character (exclude Coin Breakdown if not applicable - coins are only earned for gift art and specific events!):

    ID/Name: (which character this breakdown is for)
    XP Breakdown:
    +(xp) - (Category)
    +(xp) - (Category)
    = (#) xp total

    Coin Breakdown:
    [remove this section if not applicable!]
    +(base gift coins) - Gift, ([xp] x 40)
    +(game/event bonus; ie "75 - Doodleboard")
    +(item bonus; i.e. "200 - Lucky Horseshoe")
    = (#) coins total​
  3. If your submission earns or uses any items/currency, please note these/refer to the Items page for any necessarily details.

  4. Under "Characters," add each character featured in the piece. Also add Collaborators and Other Participants as needed.

  5. When you've finished, hit "Submit" to submit to the queue! Below is an example of a completed submission:

    Submission thumbnail