Group Horses


Group Horses are owned by the group itself, and are available to members for breeding and art/lit.

All group horses are viewable in this folder.



Art by SwordsandSpectacles

Group Horses may be drawn and "leased" freely, meaning that any member can draw, write, enter them in shows, etc. ​There are no official lease contracts dictating who can or cannot use them at any given time; just, obviously, don't enter the same event with the same group horse if someone else has already done so!

For members who do not yet own a Loshenka of their own, a Group Horse can be linked in minigames such as Doodleboard in order to still participate. Overall, Group Horses are officially under the group's ownership, but are there for everyone to love on!

All of the group horses are housed at Fjellhov Stud. Fjellhov Stud is located in Norway, and is the main hub for the registry's official business, handling the registry's records, sponsorships, events, Group Horses, etc. Each year, a showcase is hosted to celebrate the breed, with invitations extended to breeders, owners, and admirers across the globe.

The main stable on the property is shaped in an open square (main block and two "arms"), with a courtyard in the middle. Another large barn is placed further out, with an indoor arena attached. There are multiple outdoor arenas and round pens, as well as sprawling pastures and smaller runs attached to some of the stalls. Overall, the property has a neat, rustic vibe, featuring lots of stonework, hedges, flowers, and wood accents. It is situated in a fairly mountainous region, and any snow is plowed diligently to keep things neat and navigable.



Art by verdemoun

You may use any Group Horse for breeding by using the following item(s) from the Item Shop:



The only Group Horse that is not available for breeding is our mascot, 0001 Kazimir! Other than this, any current Group Horse is fair game. You do not need to get permission first or submit an Item Use request - the items required for a breeding will be taken when you submit your Breeding Roll request!