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In Art Fight ・ By woodvale
The waves come after midnight
I call from underwater
Why even try to get right?
When you've outgrown a lover
The whole world knows, but you
It's time to let go of this endless summer afternoon
Hard feelings
horse reference from fillyrox.dA.
bg ref from a photo I took on a walk halfway through this piece.
ID/Name: 0137 EM’s Morbius
XP Breakdown:
+(9) - (Fullbody)
+(3) - (Detailed shading)
+(2) - (Background)
= (14) xp total

Coin Breakdown:

+(700) - Artfight, ([14] x 50) (link to artfight piece)
= (700) coins total​

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EmeraldTheWoof Avatar

AHHHHHH THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!!! He looks magnificent!!!! I especially love the softness of the piece and that background!!!

2024-07-09 14:06:34

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